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Meet Edoardo (Edo), the visionary founder of Neuro Kaizen. Edo’s pursuit of the secrets behind high performance began with an adventurous career in law enforcement covert special operations. This thrilling chapter laid the foundation for what would become a global exploration of excellence and achievement.

In the private sector, Edo consulted for the world’s leading energy multinationals, the largest philanthropic organization on the planet, two prestigious “Big 4” firms, and influential European, African and ME governments. His work took him across 4 continents and 38 countries, a journey filled with unique insights, challenges, and lessons learnt.

What sets Edo apart is his relentless pursuit of cutting-edge knowledge. Completing multiple postgraduate degrees from the world’s most renowned universities, he blended academic rigour with on-the-ground experience, seeking to understand the true nature of outstanding performance

The culmination of this remarkable journey was the creation of Neuro Kaizen in 2021. With a mission to synthesize his wealth of experience and learning, Edo has distilled the key principles of high performance into a transformational coaching and consulting approach that resonates with clients worldwide.

Whether you are a tech executive, e-sports athlete, military/police career transitioner, or corporate athlete, Edo’s innovative and personalized methods are designed to elevate your performance, empowering you to reach your fullest potential.

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Why Choose Us?

We Are Single-Mindedly Dedicated In Increasing Your Performance Capabilities Allowing You To Breakthrough In Your Chosen Field. From Business Individuals Seeking To Achieve Greater Clarity And Productivity To E-Sports Athletes Looking To Enhance Focus And Endurance, We Apply Cutting Edge Methodologies Which Are

Scientifically Proven

We leave no space for anecdotal or unverifiable methods. Our approach is strictly founded on Neuroscientific evidence derived from over 130 years of research from world renown institutions including Cambridge, Harvard, John’s Hopkins, Oxford, King’s College London.


Targets and goals set at the beginning of the coaching journey are clear and calibrated in accordance with the neuroscientific principles of enhanced learning and behavior modification.


Your improvement is tracked throughout our coaching sessions providing you with instant points of reference and continual feedback.

We Have Worked With Some Of The Biggest Brands

DARPA research indicates a 430% faster learning acquisition rate during high performance state.

Studies by McKinsey show a 500% productivity increase through sustained high performance

Ready To Increase Your Performance?